Mounted Brave

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Mounted Brave
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Mounted Brave is a non-playable character light unit of the Industrial Age, showing up in four provinces: Okahe, Embruniez, Gabordeaux and Ydine. Mounted Brave has ability Last Stand, which gains attack and defense bonus for every unit with last stand that is killed.

Age: Icon reward age.png Industrial Age
Type: Icon reward military unit short range.png Short Ranged Unit
Attack: Icon attack.png 16
Defense: Icon defense.png 14
Range: Icon range.png 4
Movement: Icon movement.png 22
Attack: +8 against Icon reward military unit heavy infantry.png

+6 on Rocks.png

Defense: +8 against Icon reward military unit heavy infantry.png
Last stand.png Last Stand +6
Other Info
Battle Points: Icon rank.png 680
Requirements: Military small.png n/a
Training Costs: Icon construction reduction.png n/a
Training Time: Icon time.png n/a
Healing Time: Icon time.png n/a